The Nature of Reality
The Nature Of Reality 
Section 1 of a Course for the Self Discovery of your Hidden Talents your Inner Passion and your Unique Path to Success and Happiness.
Section 1 
The Nature of Reality 
I assure you that whoever tells this hill to get up and throw itself in the sea and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Mark 11:23 
It may seem strange beginning a book on self discovery with a discussion on the nature of reality. But the strange thing is, you really can't understand yourself until you understand how reality works.  
Why? Well because at the core, you are a creator of your own reality. That is what you are. And until you understand how reality works, you can t appreciate your power to create your life and your life s purpose. 
You create your life. It is the nature of reality that allows you to do that. So this book is first about the nature of reality which is to say it is about the nature of your reality which is another way of saying it is about you.  
So sit back and enjoy, while you learn a little about who you really are a most amazing, creative and unique being a true child of god and owner of the universe.
What You Need to Know About This Course: 
This course is in the form of an ebook. After each chapter/day there is a simple excercise.designed for anyone who can think, read and write. We all have a purpose and we need to know what it is. If you are just starting out in life or if you have already lived a good deal of it ... no matter. It's never too late to learn more about yourself. 
This course is in PDF format with 12 chapter/days that form 12 self-contained lessons. The chapters are concise and informative and the excercises take you step by step down the path of self discovery. Each chapter/day requires approximately 60 - 90 minutes to read and complete the excercises.  
The course draws from scientific and spiritual disciplines to help you learn about yourself. It is universal in its intent. It is not necessary that you believe or even agree with the concepts presented to get out of the course what is intended for you. The benefit is a sensing of what is true for you and what is true about you. No external concepts or beliefs should sway your built-in, compass that points to the truth about yourself -- find it and follow it wherever it leads. 
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We created this course to help as many as possible learn more about themselves and find their personal brand of happiness. We like to think it will help many people do just that. Help us spread the word. 
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T. E. D. 
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