Where did the material world come from?

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Origins of the Material World

          The Material World

What about this obviously material world?  Where did it come from if consciousness and belief are all there is? … To begin with, is this “material” world really so material?  Science now tells us that matter and energy are the same (E = MC ²).  Energy equals mass (or matter) times the speed of light squared.  In other words, if you reduce particles of matter to their basic components — what is left is space and energy.

But what is space and energy?  They are products of consciousness.  Consciousness creates energy and space. Science has recently shown that sub-atomic particles materialize and de-materialize based upon the expectations (the beliefs) of the scientific observer.  In other words the observer’s consciousness creates matter  or more specifically, the basic building blocks of matter!

The size and relative distance between the electrons and the nucleus of any atom is the same as the size and relative distance between the planets and the sun in a solar system.  At the atomic level there are vast areas of space within each atom with precious little material “stuff”.   Inspecting this “stuff”  (electrons, protons and neutrons of the atom) science discovered that what we thought was “solid” is just more space between even smaller particles.  When we look at these particles science found that they appear and disappear based on the expectations of the observer!  They come in and out of being from the observer’s consciousness.  These “particles” (the basic building blocks of matter) are not “solid” at all.  They are, in fact, figments of our imagination — our beliefs.

There is nothing new here.  Mystics, philosophers and spiritual teachers have been telling us this for millennia.  Our material world springs from consciousness – they say, it is just an illusion.  For example, John’s Gospel begins with … “Before the world was created, the Word (a concept, idea, product of consciousness) already existed; It was with God and It was the same as God from the very beginning.  Through it all things were made.”

The material world springs from the immaterial world — Consciousness!

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