What can you DO with this knowledge?

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Knowledge is power!

What can you DO with this  Knowledge?

What can you do with this knowledge?  You know that you are in essence pure consciousness shaped by beliefs.  You know that you are powerful and limitless in your potential.  You know that you are part of all that is.  How do you begin to put this knowledge to practical use?

You begin by knowing yourself!  But I thought we just talked about that.  We just said who you are …  Yes we did.  We said you are pure consciousness shaped by beliefs … your own unique and personal beliefs.  The real question then is what are your unique and personal beliefs?

One thing I can say for sure is that they are NOT what you “think” they are.  They are not what is in your head … at least not what you “think” is in your head.  What you “think” you believe is usually NOT what you really believe.  At most its only the tip of the iceberg.  To see what you really believe all you need to do is observe your life … Your life and circumstances are the direct reflection of your beliefs.

Whether you like your life or not …  it is created directly from your beliefs — the beliefs you have chosen or that have been chosen for you.  Frankly, many if not most of your beliefs were planted in you at an early age by parents, society and your interpretations of early life experiences.  You had little control over that process (at that time)

Are you always short on money?  Than you probably believe that money is hard to come by and hard to keep.  Are you frequently sick?  Then you probably believe you are frail and vulnerable to germs and physical problems.  Are you lonely? Than you are probably afraid of relationships or of rejection or feel unworthy of love.

On the positive side … are you rich, healthy and in a great relationship?  Than you probably believe all of these things are natural for you to have and that you deserve them.  On a more social level … most members of our society believe in the reality of the physical world —  in grass and dogs and rain and mountains, etc.  So these things exist for us just as we believe them to be.

But if you want to change your world start with yourself.  Look inside and see what you really believe!  Know Thyself!

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  1. I studied some eastern philosophy and found myself quite in resonance with some of them. But the biggest challenge I think is that you cannot “know” with your mind who you really are, because you have to stop your mind to be aware of that pure consciousness that you are. I think this awareness is more a feeling of inner peace than a thought, similar to what I find sometimes in nature or during meditation.

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