The Divine Matrix

The following is from the Introduction to The Divine Matrix – Bridging time, space, miracles, and belief – by Gregg Braden:

Modern Physics Discovers "The Divine Matrix"

The Divine Matrix – Basis of Everything

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind.  This Mind is the matrix of all matter.” – Max Planck, 1944.   With these words, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, described a universal field of energy that connects everything in creation: the Divine Matrix. The Divine Matrix is our world. It is also everything in our world. It is us and all that we love, hate, create, and experience.

Living in the Divine Matrix, we are as artists expressing our innermost passions, fears, dreams, and desires through the essence of a mysterious quantum canvas. But we are the canvas, as well as the images upon the canvas. We are the paints, as well as the brushes. In the Divine Matrix, we are the container within which all things exist, the bridge between the creations of our inner and outer worlds, and the mirror that shows us what we have created…

John Wheeler, a Princeton physicist and colleague of Einstein, offers a …view of our role in creation. In terms that are bold, clear, and graphic, Wheeler says, “We had this old idea, that there was a universe out there, and here is man, the observer, safely protected from the universe by a six-inch slab of plate glass.” Referring to the late-20th-century experiments that show us how simply looking at something changes that something, Wheeler continues, “Now we learn from the quantum world that even to observe so minuscule an object as an electron we have to shatter that plate glass: we have to reach in there…. So the old word observer simply has to be crossed off the books, and we must put in the new word participator. ”

What a shift! In a radically different interpretation of our relationship to the world we live in, Wheeler states that it’s impossible for us to simply watch the universe happen around us. Experiments in quantum physics, in fact, do show that simply looking at something as tiny as an electron—just focusing our awareness upon what it’s doing for even an instant in time— changes its properties while we’re watching it. The experiments suggest that the very act of observation is an act of creation, and that consciousness is doing the creating. These findings seem to support Wheeler’s proposition that we can no longer consider ourselves merely onlookers who have no effect on the world that we’re observing.

To think of ourselves as participating in creation rather than simply passing through the universe during the brief period of a lifetime requires a new perception of what the cosmos is and how it works… Interestingly, this is precisely the way that the wisdom traditions of the past suggest that our world works. From the ancient Indian Vedas, believed by some scholars to date to 5,000 B.C., to the 2,000year-old Dead Sea Scrolls, a general theme seems to suggest that the world is actually the mirror of things that are happening on a higher realm or in a deeper reality.

The implication of both quantum theory and the ancient texts is that in the unseen realms we create the blueprint for the relationships, careers, successes, and failures of the visible world. From this perspective, the Divine Matrix works like a great cosmic screen that allows us to see the nonphysical energy of our emotions and beliefs (our anger, hate, and rage; as well as our love, compassion, and understanding) projected in the physical medium of life…Sometimes consciously, oftentimes not, we “show” our truest beliefs about everything from compassion to betrayal through the quality of relationships that surround us.

In other words, we’re like artists expressing our deepest passions, fears, dreams, and desires through the living essence of a mysterious quantum canvas. However, unlike a conventional painter’s canvas, which exists in one place at a given time, our canvas is the same stuff that everything is made of—it is everywhere and is always present…The implications of being surrounded by a malleable world of our own making are vast, powerful, and, to some, perhaps a little frightening.  Our ability to use the Divine Matrix intentionally and creatively suddenly empowers us to alter everything about the way we see our role in the universe. At the very least, it suggests that there’s much more to life than chance happenings and occasional synchronicities that we deal with the best we can.

Ultimately, our relationship to the quantum essence that connects us to everything else reminds us that we’re creators ourselves. As such, we may express our deepest desires for healing, abundance, joy, and peace in everything from our bodies and lives to our relationships. And we may do so consciously, in the time and manner that we choose…

This is our relationship to the Divine Matrix. We’re given the power to imagine, dream, and feel life’s possibilities from within the Matrix itself so that it can reflect back to us what we’ve created. …The language of consciousness appears to be the universal experience of emotion. We already know how to love, hate, fear, and forgive. Recognizing that these feelings are actually the instructions that program the Divine Matrix, we can hone our skills to better understand how to bring joy, healing, and peace to our lives.”

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