Imagine that you are God

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Imagine for a moment that you are God before anything was created.  You exist as pure consciousness or undifferentiated awareness.  There is nothing else.  You are in a void.  There is nothing around you to observe.  There is nothing around you to imagine.  There is nothing around you to experience.  There is only you, and you are all there is.

Video on God before creation (2 minutes):

In fact you don’t even think of yourself as “you”.  There is no “you” because there is no “other” to define “you” by.  There is only pure, undifferentiated, undefined and totally empty awareness.  Are you in heaven or hell?  You don’t know because you haven’t created the concept of heaven or hell.  Are you happy or sad?  Again you don’t know because you haven’t even conceived the states of “happiness” or “sadness.”

Are you lonely?  You certainly are alone because there is nothing and no one else … there is only you.  But you have not created the idea of “others” or of aloneness so you cannot really be lonely.  In fact you are nothing because you truly are “no thing.”  There is nothing and you know nothing.  There is only the raw potential for everything because you exist.

That is all.  You may not even know you exist because the awareness of existence requires the awareness of non existence.  Without the awareness of non existence the awareness of existence cannot be.

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