How to discover your beliefs

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How to disover your life purpose.

    Discovering your UNIQUE Beliefs

To discover the unique part of yourself … the part that believes certain things in order to experience those things … you need do nothing more or less than to observe your life and circumstances.  This includes observing your thoughts, feelings,  physical surroundings, family and friends, work and in general, the events in your life because these are the unique (or”other”) parts of yourself that your beliefs create.

Of course this is a lot to observe.  To make sense out of it all can seem overwhelming and pointless at times.  But at the base of your life there are core beliefs that orchestrate your life experiences.  If you can uncover these core beliefs, you will begin to see what really drives your life …  why you are here …  and what you really want out of life — your life purpose!

Actually we all have the SAME life purpose which is simply to BE …  and to experience that being.  That is God’s purpose and that is our purpose as “parts” of God.  But as “a part” of God you have chosen to be a certain way and to have certain unique experiences and this might be called your purpose.  This purpose and these unique experiences are the result of your individual core beliefs about yourself.

Fortunately there are many tools that can be used to explore and uncover these core beliefs.  At we have created such a tool … actually a combination of several tools that have proven over time to be very effective at providing people with a map of who they are — their unique qualities, hidden talents and individual paths to life success.  These tools have been combined into A Self Discovery Course.  We invite you to investigate this course/ebook and consider completing it as a gift to yourself.

Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living”  and the admonition to “Know Thyself” was frequently repeated by early Greek philosophers and inscribed in stone at the Temple of Delphi.  The command to know ourselves has come down through the ages.  It has been repeated by many wise men and teachers with good reason– self understanding is the key to the world we have chosen to live in..

Gahndi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”   First know yourself and then you will know how to create the life you desire.  Self knowledge and self understanding has been our reason for creating “A Self Discovery Course.”  We hope you will find it  practical, powerful and enlightening … perhaps even life changing!  If you would like a fuller discussion of what we have covered in the last seven posts then take the “Understanding Reality Course.”   This course reveals the common message about the nature of reality that spiritual, philosophical and scientific teachers have been telling us for centuries.

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  1. Thank you for an excellent post and website. At various stages throughout my life I have found myself searching for answers as to the reasons for life and various other things. This was highlighted when just before I left University one of my best friends died in a car accident and about 6 months later I became extremly religious, some would say a fanatical Christian. At the moment I am in a situation where I am not fanatical any more and I just want to help the World to be a better place. The questions you ask throughout your site has helped me to focus again no what is really important in life.

    Melissa White
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