How does creation begin?

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How does creation begin?

              How Creation Begins

How does creation begin?  Out of this void of pure undifferentiated consciousness … how does creation begin?  What do you create with, when there is only pure consciousness and nothing more?

It is consciousness itself that must be the basis … the raw material … the “stuff” of creation because that is all there is … there is nothing else.  Consciousness itself is all there is!  But for consciousness to  DO something it must first become aware of itself.  It must become aware that IT exists.

To do that it must first create the idea … the belief … in “other”.  That is, it must create the idea and belief in something outside itself, or other than itself.  The idea of “Self” requires the idea of “non-self” or “other” to define what “Self” is!   Without “other”, there can be no definition, understanding or awareness of “Self”. 

To do that, consciousness must “forget” that IT is all there is!   Or said another way, IT must begin to believe that there is something outside of itself.  By forgetting that IT is all there is, it has created the possibility of experiencing “itself” by experiencing the “other”.  It has also created awareness of itself — awareness of its existence.  And finally it has created the possibility of being “aware” of anything else that it decides to believe in.

By forgetting its true nature and believing in the reality of “other” … Consciousness has performed its first act of creation.  By creating the idea of “Self” and “non-self” consciousness has created “self-awareness” and also given itself the power to create any idea (or belief) — any “other.” — it chooses to believe in.  Each “other” that it creates is actually a reflection of “itself” — a way to experience “itself” — and it’s infinite creative potential.

But note that belief and consciousness are the raw material … the “stuff” … the basis of creation.  “Self” and “non-Self” are only a belief and NOT ultimate reality.  Ultimate reality is unified, undifferentiated consciousness — it is the basis (the stuff) of creation because there is, nothing else.   Consciousness is all there is, its all there ever has been!

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