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Welcome to  This website is about you.  I know, we haven’t met, but we are the same you and I, where it matters.  This website is about the truth about who you are and what you can do with that knowledge.  I recommend you start by reading the first seven posts which give you a short course on our philosophy.  You can find them by starting with the link at the end of this page and reading along from page to page.  For the full course take the Understanding Reality Course which shows you the common message from many wisdom traditions on the nature of reality, and who you really are. When you are done, also take A Self Discovery Course for specific insights into your unique qualities, talents and strengths.

A Video Introduction (2 minutes):

So let’s talk about you.  You are a powerful being of infinite possibility and unlimited potential.  Perhaps no one has told you this before.  If they have, you may not have believed it.  But that’s the main issue,  because it’s what you believe that makes you who you are.  It is the power of belief that creates your life.  What you believe is the root of your experience and reality. There is a simple reason for this. It is because all that really exists is consciousness and belief.  In that you and I  are the same … in fact we are ONE.

Some call this oneness God, others truth and others “the ground of being” or “all that Is”.  There are many names for it but one thing is true … It exists or we wouldn’t.  In fact existence (or being) is its primary attribute.  It exist and we exist and in that simple truth you can discover who you are.  Existence gives you the power of the universe …because it is the power of the universe … the only power in the universe.

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4 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. Now this is a different website. Nice stuff though. I like your use of video with the text. As far as the content goes, I suspect you have been involved with a variety of philosophical subjects to develop your skill. It shows in your posts.

  2. I like the site. It is simple in contrast to the very profound topic about the god within us. I just would like to ask though, are the concepts related or link to a certain religion? Or is this all purely philosophical?

  3. Are you serious? Damn, yes you are, this should be re-posted. with your permission, I will make that happen.

  4. I searched Google for truth and I found your blog 🙂 I like your blog, well done!

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